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Discussion in 'EMPIRE (by Crazy Monkey Studios)' started by alastair, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. alastair

    alastair Guest

    I got an update on android recently, and is this the big one we've been waiting for? Or should I keep waiting.

    I couldn't find what version it was anywhere, so at least let us know here!
  2. Senator

    Senator Moderator

    Yeah, they need to do a better job indicating what has changed on Android. The "What's New" still describes 1.1...
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  3. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    No no. 1.2 had some significant changes - unit HP increased a ton, the asymmetrical heroes now have like 3 different rules instead of 7. Then there was a 1.2.1 which just fixed some bugs and stuff.

    1.3 is gonna be the big one and we're starting working on that soon.
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  4. Senator

    Senator Moderator

    In the interest of accuracy, 1.2.2 was released on Android this week, prompting this thread. I assume that it's just another bugfix release, but Crazy Monkey has only ever provided one changelog entry, so it's hard to be sure. The "What's New" section still reads:

    Empire now has three varied, exciting Emperors to play the game with.
    A new resource has been discovered: gems!
    Bug and balance fixes across the board.
    New monster type: super warrior.
    more info:
  5. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Ok, I'll make sure they update that for the next version.
  6. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    Now iOS also has version 1.2.2. Here's the changelog:
    - Fixed bug that prevented monster nests to reach tier 3.
    - Removed save files that had become corrupt which caused the game to crash when trying to pick spoils.
    - Decreased starting strife cards of senator by 1, war chief by 2 and wizard by 1.
    - The Wizard now starts with 1 grit card.
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