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    Today I found out that exiting the game to the main menu and continuing re-generates all the level's chests.

    I'd known for a while that a quit-and-continue* sequence immediately after entering a level would usually move the chests; this commonly happens in Hell 1 in speedruns where I use the Dark Pope skip. Today, though, I found out I could try to use the same process for the reverse effect, repeating the quit-and-continue until a chest conveniently appears within sight of the door.

    Further investigation showed that I didn't have to do it immediately after entering a level; it works from anywhere in the level.

    For further further investigation, I collected all the chests on Bandit Hole 1 and did a quit-and-continue. More chests appeared. I found I could repeat this to get unlimited chests from level 1, filling my inventory and enchanting my weapon up to +4. This is a game-breaking advantage; with chests providing all the food necessary, the limiting factor is litter on the floor**.

    The most efficient way to abuse this dubious mechanic is to not bother looking for chests; instead, I repeat the quit-and-reload sequence whenever there are no chests in sight to bring them to me.

    Finally, I used this technique with chest-warping in a Dungeoneer speedrun to achieve a 233 turn victory; my previous best was a very lucky 241 with the next nine all in the 248-258 range.

    * Quit-and-continue instructions: Open the menu, go to the fourth tab and hit the "main menu" button. At the main menu, select "continue".
    ** Opening a chest that occupies the same space as a floor item causes the game to crash.
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