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  1. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I'll try to keep this updated. Just whenever you make comments make sure to note which version you're talking about.

    For the tier list, let's use the format I see Waterd using on FS, which I like: A, B and C tier. A being the best cards in the game, B being OK, and C is for crappy. Within each tier, you can order it from strongest to weakest, left to right. Here's my horribly wrong tier list to show you what I mean.

    Keith's Tier List (for Version 1.1)

    A Tier: Cavalry Move, Zap, Meteor, Move Any, Resurrect, Purge, Swift Action
    B Tier: Archer Take Cover, Blessing, Swap Places, Paralyze, Copy, Protection, All Halt
    C Tier: Savage Blows, Tactics, Improvisation, Magic Bounty, Archers Shift

    Again I know this list totally sucks, I haven't put much thought into it AND I'm not that fantastic at the game. This is just an example, although I will be reading feedback in this thread and updating it. So to clarify, I'm saying that Cavalry Move is the best card in the game, and Archers Shift is the worst. That's probably not true, but that's what I wrote.


    A unit gains 2 extra hitpoints. This can bring them above their starting amount. A unit can only be blessed once per combat.

    Swift Action
    Get +1 command and +1 redraws.
    This card costs no command.

    +2 Redraws. Also, draw a card. If it's a playable Spell or Tactical card, play it free or discard it. You cannot play Improvisation again this way. Costs no command.

    Cavalry Move
    Move a cavalry unit 2 steps in any direction except up or down.

    Warrior Reposition
    Move a warrior back to the starting line at a position of your choice. This can push other units back. Costs no command.

    All Halt
    Your units will skip the next movement phase. Also get +2 redraws. This card costs no command.

    Archers Shift
    All archers move up or down by 1 step. Also get +1 redraw per archer.

    Archer Take Cover
    Move one archer directly behind any one of your units. This can not push other units.

    Get +2 command. Also, keep the other cards in your hand until the end of your next turn. Cards will be drawn to fill up your hand. Costs no action.

    Select one of your units. It becomes invulnerable for 1 turn.

    Select an enemy unit. It cannot attack or move for 2 turns. The unit will block other units behind it.

    Deal 2 damage to 1 enemy unit and knock it back. This can push back other units behind the target.

    Allows you to purge up to 3 cards from your hand (they are destroyed). This card (Purge) is then removed from your deck.

    Resurrect 1 fallen friendly with 1 hitpoint. This can push other units if the spot it died on is occupied.

    Creates a permanent copy of another card in your hand. Can not copy unique cards.

    Swap Places
    Select two of your units. They will swap places.

    Move Any
    Move one of your units one step in a non-diagonal direction.

    Unique Cards. These can ONLY be found in an Emperor's starting deck.

    Select 1 unit. Deal 1 damage to that unit and to four units around it, in a cross shape.

    Savage Blows
    Deal double damage in the attack phase, this turn only.

    Magical Bounty: If you win this battle, gain 1 gem and 30 materials for use after combat. Can only be played once per battle. Your materials can never exceed 200.
  2. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    Without statistical proof obviously, here's how I feel about the cards:

    A Tier: Meteor, Zap, Improvisation, All Halt, Swift Action, Purge, Resurrect
    B Tier: Move Any, Cavalry Move, Tactics, Archer's Shift, Blessing, Archer Take Cover, Copy
    C Tier: Swap Places, Magical Bounty, Savage Blows, Protection, Paralyze, Warrior Reposition

    Note: List made after playing 1.1 beta with the three unique cards not actually being unique, plus the generally low difficulty making an offensive deck much more useful, thereby rendering many spells not necessarily "weak", but simply "not needed".
  3. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Yeah all of our tier lists are going to shift dramatically once the release version of 1.1 comes out, but for now it's good to get the reactions to how it is.
  4. Senator

    Senator Moderator

    A Tier: Meteor, Zap, Swift Action, Improvisation, Move Friendly, Resurrection
    B Tier: Tactics, Warrior Reposition, Magical Bounty, All Halt, Blessing, Paralyze, Archer Take Cover
    C Tier: Cavalry Move, Swap Places, Archer Shift, Savage Blows, Copy, Purge

    One thing that's worth noticing about the C tier is that, apart from Swap Places, the lowest tier cards are generally those that have to be held onto and played at exactly the right time to be really useful. Savage Blows can only be usefully played when you are engaged with the enemy, which is a minority of turns in any combat. Cavalry Move doesn't affect positional parity, so it needs to be used at fairly precise moments in combat to be worth spending the command points. And of course, stars kind of have to align to use Purge and even Copy.

    My army is generally 1-2 Cav, 1-2 Warrior, 1 Archer. I more often use 4 than 5 total units.

    (I don't use All Halt nearly as much as others seem to. More often than not, I find that combats start with most of my units having the turn parity advantage (i.e., odd number of spaces between my units and enemies). I generally play All Halt only when I can do so without sacrificing that advantage.)

    EDITS: Left out Blessing. Revised to reflect actual use of Magical Bounty.
  5. vivafringe

    vivafringe Well-Known Member Staff Member

    All Halt is great. You play All Halt, then you play All Halt again wowow. I'm surprised people rate Magical Bounty so low. It's free resources! Cavalry certainly affects positional parity because you can go up or down with it.

    A Tier: Meteor, Zap, Swift Action, Improvisation, All Halt, Move Friendly
    B Tier: Resurrection, Cavalry Move, Purge, Magical Bounty, Tactics, Archer Take Cover
    C Tier: Swap Places, Paralyze, Blessing, Warrior Reposition, Savage Blows, Copy
  6. Senator

    Senator Moderator

    I'd have to carry a lot more All Halt than I do to be able to bank on playing it twice before clashing. There are better ways to get redraws, I think. But yeah, maybe I should pack more All Halt in order to take advantage of extra time to arrange my troops before the initial clash.

    I play Magical Bounty all the time, but as I said I listed it low because it has no effect on the combat at hand. Maybe I should have listed it higher to reflect my actual use of it. It would certainly be toward the top of my B tier if I revised.

    By positional parity, I am talking specifically about who attacks first when units clash (i.e., odd vs. even number of tiles between units). Cavalry Move can affect that if you use it to jump rows, but only if the units in that row are on different ranks from your current row. I find few occasions where I can actually take advantage of this, though, so Cavalry Move is still low on my list. (Since my army is usually at least half warriors, I make much more use of Warrior Reposition, which is the least timing-sensitive of movement cards, other than Archer Take Cover.)
  7. halfvoid

    halfvoid New Member

    Tier list for 1.0 (pretty sure Archers Halt is what Archers Take Cover is replacing)

    My play style typically involves mostly cavalry (only buying cavalry for army and mostly taking cards usable on cavalry) and attempting to keep strife cards as low as possible, only using copy on purge or the red / green attack and defense boost cards if the deck gets over 20 cards, and having a good ratio of cards that add redraw to have better access to the attack / defense boost cards.

    A Tier: Improvisation, Swift Action, Cavalry Move, Zap, Move Any, Blessing
    B Tier: Paralyze, Protection, Copy, Purge, Meteor, All Halt, Swap Places
    C Tier: Tactics, Savage Blows, Archers Shift, Resurrect, Archers Halt, Magic Bounty

    Improv and Swift have mutable value, as they're only truly useful if the other cards in your deck are. Tactics seems to burn me more often than help, as I typically only see it in my hand with 3 strife cards, making you not be able to do much for 2 turns for the tradeoff of bonus command. Savage blows is occasionally incredibly useful if you can get a cavalry past the entire enemy army, with a attack bonus card you can take off about half of enemy "morale" points.

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