Bucky's Guide to the Purify Fairy

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    Or, how to beat the game on 3 skill points.

    Purify is the game's best healing spell. When you cast it, it heals you 5 times (upgraded to 7 and 9 by spending extra skill points), once per turn, for an amount equal to your current level plus 5 (upgraded to 10 and 15). It also removes any debuffs on you. At level 2, the earliest you can get Purify, it heals you for a total of 35 HP, well more than you have. But only 7 of those apply right away. This is a large drawback, right?

    Nope. It's a huge advantage. Unless you're taking more than 7 damage per turn, unlikely at level 2, it means you can heal more than your max HP by taking damage during the Purify. Essentially, you don't care about getting hit while Purify is active. So the optimal strategy is to tank up until you're low HP, pop Purify and continue to tank hits with impunity for 4 turns, right? Not quite; that's a good use of Purify, but you can do even better.

    The key to playing a Purify tank is that, if you're at full health, any remaining Purify charges remain stored until you take damage. I call this a 'buffered' Purify and use it like ablative armor. Having part of a purify buffered means, for each leftover charge from the previous fight, you can shrug off one turn's damage at the start of the fight. So the usual flow of a fight is to act aggressive until the buffered charges are gone, then trade hits smartly until you are low on HP, then pop Purify and play aggressively for 4 turns, then hopefully the fight's over. If two HP bars and 5+ turns' ignored damage isn't enough HP, anyone else would have died long ago*

    Also, it's generally a good idea to cast Purify as soon as your mana fills up when traveling. This gives you the maximum number of buffered charges for the next fight. Your mana will have refilled in the meantime.

    Teleport is required to get Purify. But it also covers a Purify tank's major weaknesses. With a Purify up, you only fear running out of charges or getting hit for more damage each turn than your Purify heals. As long as you have mana, you never need to take a melee hit unless you want to, so you can use it to save buffered charges. And when you're taking more damage than Purify heals in a turn, teleporting away buys Purify time to work.

    Energy up looks underwhelming at first; +5 Energy is one extra Teleport in the tank. But it has a few really useful side effects. Your wand does bonus damage proportional to your max energy. +5 Energy is also +1 wand damage, which doesn't seem like much but saves a lot of hits over the course of a game. Also, it gives an undocumented boost to your energy regeneration rate, meaning shorter walks come with free buffered Purifies.

    Extra Life is a really bad skill. Generally, if it makes a difference, another rank of Purify would also have saved you. However, the one remaining vulnerability of the Purify-Teleport combo with a stock of blue or yellow potions is that Purify can't save you if you take more damage than your max HP in a single turn. So if you feel like you absolutely must go from "practically immortal" to "immortal", take the extra life.

    Wands are already good for kiting melee brutes with Teleport, and deal good scaling damage as your Energy pool grows. But they also boost your mana regeneration when they're equipped. So even if you prefer a different weapon, you should have your wand equipped between fights.

    Leather Armor is the superior armor choice outside of the Genie fight. With a buffered Purify, you don't care how much damage each hit does, just how many times you get hit. So evasion is more useful than armor or resistance.

    The Zero Calorie Diet
    Hunger is supposed to be the limiting factor that forces the game to end. Run out of food and you take 1 damage per turn until you die. But a level 6+ fairy with a wand and the Energy upgrade can out-heal hunger indefinitely, so even if the game decides to give no food except for the guaranteed boss drops, you can resort to eating mana.

    The downside is that hunger damage burns buffered Purify charges. So if you're abusing this, be aware that you're less tanky than normal.


    *except maybe for a Dinoman Bruiser on a massive kill streak
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    Yeah, Purify is a spell that's been difficult to balance. Actually all healing is really difficult to balance. Probably Purify is still a little too strong, and maybe Crusader's heal is still a tiny bit weak, not sure. If I could still make balance patches for the game though, you could consider Purify one of the first things I'd mess with.
  3. Bucky

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    How did you go about balancing it in the first place? Just doing the math on Purify-3 gives insanely high results (225 HP over 9 turns at level 10!), so you obviously weren't using purely numerical methods.
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  4. keithburgun

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    Well originally we probably had some math that made sense but was too strong or buggy or something, but there have been countless patch changes where we "scooted something" up or down, and at this point I just need to go back to the drawing board on it.
  5. Bucky

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    Guide is now finished. Does anyone else have anything to add?
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    Looks great to me, Bucky. I posted it on the 100 Rogues Facebook and the 100 Rogues website forums. Thanks!
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    If one were to just tell me that Purify is "broken" I still would have attempted to abuse it yet still probably would not have made it as far (or gotten a high score). A lot of this info isn't totally obvious up front!What i'm saying is that there's still degrees of strategy in overpowered situations. But I haven't tried this out yet so I don't know how easy it truly is!
  8. Bucky

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    I didn't say "broken" anywhere. It is overpowered and can, with some effort, push the limits of the game's balance. But it's nowhere close to, say, walking around with 100% evasion.
  9. keithburgun

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    Is walking around with 100% evasion something that's possible to achieve in the game? Haha.
  10. Bucky

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    As far as I know, not anymore. I don't know whether scrolls of evasion stack - if they do, it's possible temporarily.

    EDIT: It was totally possible in a previous version. But a few enemies with accuracy bonuses, such as bullies, can hit even if I have 100% evasion.
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    Broken, exploitative, overpowered, same general thing i'm trying to say. Regardless you've given me more gusto to come back here and claim that it is indeed broken! Muahahaahhaahahaha!

    And while we're at it, what's up with 100 rogues on android? I sent a message on the 100 rogues site and got an email back from wufoo...and I assume nobody ever checks that. I know OUYA was dev hell, but wouldn't that be a big step to getting it on play store? If that's wes' domain i'll pester him too!
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    Yeah that is Wes' domain, you should pester him. Last I talked to him about it he said that an Android version "wasn't planned". I think it might be because, yeah, OUYA is android based so that's good, but on the bad side he had to really change stuff around so much to fit on the big screen. That's just my guess though.

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