Boss farming (part 3)

Discussion in '100 Rogues' started by Bucky, Mar 5, 2016.

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    I broke the game again.

    Previous versions had a balance problem whereby it was possible to enter a boss arena and endlessly kill minions. Since the minions drop potions that have nutritional value, hunger is not an issue. This meant any character that could out-heal the boss's damage could rack up as many kill, and therefore points, as they wanted, and leave with a huge stack of potions.

    The solution to this was to gradually increase the bosses' damage as the battle progressed. The boss would eventually hit for more than the character's max HP, so they'd be forced to finish the fight or die horribly.

    Today I discovered that's not enough.

    Drinking a red potion at full HP gives +2 HP. A Dinoman on a sufficiently long kill streak gets back his entire HP pool every turn. The drop rate on potions is high enough that the Dinoman can increase his max HP faster than the bosses increase their damage. So the Dinoman can boss farm indefinitely and come out the other end with hundreds of HP.

    Furthermore, for some reason Purify (already a contender for best skill in the game) also increases its heal by a % of max HP. And drinking a blue potion at max MP gives +2 MP and a small permanent bonus to MP regen. So, while the red potion production rate is only barely enough, a properly equipped fairy can also farm the Genie near-indefinitely.
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    I broke the game yet again, in two ways.

    The first is skeleton wrangling in boss 2. Lead one of the bottom skeletons to the top half of the arena and trap it between the top acolytes, then return to the bottom. Kill the top skeletons that followed you down. You've just cut the skeleton spawn rate in half. This makes full speed acolyte farming easier. You should be able to gain max HP from red potions at roughly twice the rate the boss gains damage.

    The second is the return of an old friend. A save-and-continue resets the second boss's damage. Also, in one case it doubled the rate of the acolyte spawners. This makes farming easy again.
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