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    Some of today's stuff:

    - I basically just REMOVED hard level 1 and reduced the score goals a bit. Blake played a couple games (he's very very good, like probably on the tier just below Viva) and they were pretty uneventful for the first 2-3 levels.
    - Rotisserie now adds smokey flavor again AFTER rotating; it's kinda more consistent this way with Flame Trap.
    - PLAY MODE levels now randomly choose a tileset, but it won't repeat until you've seen all 5.
    Also check out the new level-end screen. Note that I changed the colors for the four levels. Makes more sense to me that RED means BAD, and GREEN means good, than "red is good, blue is bad".

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    OK good news and bad news time. Bad news first.

    - Bad news is that this next version is gonna be delayed, possibly for another week or so. Our lead programmer, Mike, has run into kind of a major league bug, that has been extremely hard to track down (something with actors not getting removed from the game properly when killed). This is also a bug that we really can't send a version out with because it makes the game really unplayable (actors who get knocked into fire don't get removed so there's just infinte, unkillable phantom monsters all over if you're using fire).

    - Good news is that because Mike has been smashing his head against the wall with this bug for awhile, I just had him switch over to fixing up Story Mode's bugs. I've gotten to a point in coding that, if stuff is sort of fundamentally working-ish, I can basically complete it. But there are some construction issues right now that are a little beyond me (I've tried).

    Anyway the long and short of it is, next patch might be a week or two even out, but holy shit. Play Mode is like 99% done now, I can't even believe how done it is. And story mode should be at least functional. So the next version you'll get will look a LOT like release-day Auro - minus bug fixes, polish, and any other last minute tweaks.

    It's exciting though... with play mode done I really can see the finish line.
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    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Today's updates.

    - I fixed that long standing bug with the tiles directly west of Auro. they are now available for dunkin', ker-splooshin', or other such business. It was an annoyingly easy fix, changing one const variable which I assumed was the problem from day 1 but never went in and tried. Blah.
    - GWENNIES are now more of a unique thing. In addition to their existing "0-cooldown rock throw that knocks back AND deals 1 damage", they now can also do this from point blank range. This means they also don't run from you anymore, either. This makes them kinda like a non-flying sub-lich that has knockback power.
    - I also reduced Charles push distance from 4 (kinda just silly) to 3 (still super strong, but not ridiculous).
    - I also experimented today trying to design a more "system-like" approach to generating monsters for levels. Currently, what I have is a big ol' LIST of "acceptable monsters for this level" for every level in all three of the difficulty modes. This works, but it's not that dynamic (although it does contain a few HIGHLY CONTROLLED random elements). Today I thought, man, it'd be cool if we could have a system that would generate levels that are both fair AND dynamic. Well, I explored that idea for awhile, and what's funny is that the more I thought about it, the more I realized I would have to restrict the system so much that it'd be basically what I have now.

    Still looking for input on Guardians and what exactly they should do. I'm thinking that they could maybe be like a "sub-Yeti" - an s-heavy monster (can't be pushed by anything except abom attack), but that just basically follows the player (kinda like STONE KITTEN from 100 Rogues). Every X turns, his cooldown goes up and the next turn he'll attack, like a rat.
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    - NOTES are 50% implemented. Notes can be found on the floor randomly in Story Mode. On a given game you'll maybe find 0 and 4 of them, from start to finish. I think there will be ~100 of them in the game, and they're collectible. Walking over them picks them up, and brings up a text window that says some text. The text could be anything - some story/lore stuff or tips are the most common, but also it could be weird stuff. Some are rare. Maybe something happens when you collect all 100.
    - About screen added. You can now click that little green Dino head top left of the title screen to bring up a screen that has shit like, links to our site, to the forum, an email us link, as well as a button that will play the COMPLETE credits (Which btw is fucking huge thanks to Kickstarter). Oh, if any of our serious testers wants to be in the game by their real name, let me know. By default I'm using screen names. We'll address this question again later closer to release though.
    - Lots of balancing, as per the new chart.
    - Guardians are implemented and working, but not added to generation yet. Here's how they work: S-Heavy monster that has totally normal AI - follows you, deals 1 damage if they get close, with a 5 turn cooldown. The idea with them is to make them a kind of long-term threat, a thing that sort of "attaches to you" (like Stone Kitten in 100 Rogues) but also can be deadly if you don't eventually try to escape them. Let me know if you have ideas on this.

    EDIT: Wrote a post on Dinofarm Games blog about the updates. Nothing new to you guys, but it does include an invite to the forums with a very short "best of" list of our best forum threads.
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    - You heard it here first - Auro's scheduled release date is July 1. We've gone over and over what we need to do between now and then and there shouldn't be any reason why we have to miss this date. Actually the plan is to have the game finished June 1, spend 2 weeks just playtesting, submit to Apple June 15, and have the game out July 1.

    - In the next few days you might notice some funny business with your iOS version. What's happening is that our yearly subscription thingy ran out, so we're taking this opportunity to go through and delete... actually all of our iOS users. Then, we'll just manually re-add the people who actually are beta testers, as in, they give us feedback.

    - We're preparing a demo version of Auro which our producer Matt Dunnam will hand out to people at PAX. This allows the player to play on Easy Mode with fixed skills, and nothing more. Might put another limitation on it somehow.
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    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    More news- you may have noticed that the iOS/Android new versions are delayed still. We still have some obstacles to overcome, like one game-breaking bug and the following things. If everything goes to plan, we should have a build this week though.

    iOS Testers: Our iOS Developer account expired. We're taking this opportunity to delete basically all of our iOS testers and start over. This is because about 70% of our testers are not active testers and some of those inactive testers added like 5 or more devices. So we're down to 16 devices left only. But don't worry - we have a list of the active testers and we'll re-add them after deleting everyone. You might just have to re-add your device or something.

    Android people: Testflight dropped their Android support last month, which is pretty lame. So we're switching you guys over to another service called Test Fairy. You'll get an invite for this as soon as we get our shit under control.

    Story mode: Mike just fixed the last Story Mode show-stopper bug, which means that I should be able to go about finishing story mode, mechanically. When this is done, this will mean that the game is mechanically "gold version", similar to the release-day version. All that will be left is bug fixes and polish (which I know, is a ton). Expect some major Story Mode progress in a build in the near future.
  7. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Today's stuff!

    - Yetis are now unkillable, and they can move over water, trailing floe everywhere they go.
    - Abomination now trails floe as he walks. This means you can walk out over water as the Abomination. In my testing this makes the ability like 100% more awesome, with two very distinct ways it can be used.
    - Implemented the fourth difficulty, Master Mode. If you're interested to see the monster gen, it's here (mostly the same as hard though - the biggest differences are that you gain 3 segments for a kill and don't get a starting candy).
    - Also made Hard mode easier, especially early on.
    - Curse Kids now will REPLACE one of your two candies if you've got 2 candies going now.
    - Fixed that bug with the trickster and lich giving bonus points. It was just some really dumb thing in the code. Let me know if you find any more of these.
    - Fliers now ARC from abomination attacks (technically, frozen fliers are no longer fliers, they're normals while frozen)
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    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Some pretty neat gameplay improvements over the last 24 hours:

    - Troggles now deal 1 point of damage when they turn red if you're adjacent to them at the time. In addition to this I've also reduced his cooldown on this ability from 5 to 2. This should help with troggles being the easiest goddamn monster in the game.
    - Gale now adds currents to the actors tiles after it pushes them. This was added to have Gale catch up with the other abilities in terms of interestingness. It also increases its synergy with other abilities. I increased its cooldown to 7; hopefully it's not too powerful now, let's keep an eye on that.
    - Abomination now freezes adjacent for 1 turn just like the other two ice abilities
    - Dash-Swap now adds a current to YOUR TILE after the swap. This is just to make it a little more dimensional.

    I recognize that these include two buffs to ultimates which everyone was already saying were too powerful, so we'll keep an eye on them.
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    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Fixed a TON of bugs. We now only have < 5 high/medium priority bugs to go. Check the list here (BTW many of the things there are just graphics issues which will take 5 minutes to fix once I have access to the spritesheet again; long story)

    More stuff:
    - Fixed the scoring system which had like 6 different bugs. It now should have basically 0 bugs.
    - Curse kids will now always replace your non-curse candy if you have a curse candy and a non-curse candy.
    - Game now gives you a candy of a Skill Type you don't currently have to start
    - Fliers now will drown after being snowballed EVEN IF they don't get knocked back
    - Slimes can now push auro if his back is to a pillar and he's on a current (have wanted this one for awhile!)
    - Charles shove distance is now 3, not 4
    - Squids added to all modes except Easy
    - Cooldowned monsters are now darker
    - Fixed some metagame bugs
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    I haven't updated this thread in AWHILE, because there has been this crazy shit with the spritesheet. Shiser has been working on that and we FINALLY just today got it all in order. This also included adding the last ~10 months of new artwork in. There are now ALL the rotisserie assets, for instance, even the overlay (which looks pretty sweet in-game!) Over the next couple days I'll be putting in a ton of new effects Blake has done. We also already have some big metagame changes which I talked about in previous posts. We'll probably have a new build by early this coming week.
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    Lots of new stuff of course, but the most exciting thing that I wanted to show you guys is that the new tile selectors are in. They only show up for the correct usable directions, which is really cool. And of course they're right color.


    Here's the complete Gale with the arrows.

  12. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Update! We got a bunch more polish in tonight. The game's pretty close to preview-video ready (really what we need are SHADOWS). Later this evening I'm gonna focus on the tutorial. Here's what I'm gonna do:

    Normally, if you hit Story Mode or Play Game the very first time, it will sneak the Tutorial in on you. After you've done it once it won't do that again. Also, you can skip the Tutorial at any time during it.

    Also, you know that ( ? ) top right of the Title Screen? Well, that now brings up a new screen which has a few options. The first option is "Do the tutorial", so you'll be able to do it manually any time. Then it has a link to the Manual, and a link to the forums. Maybe it'll have a link to a video tutorial too, which I'll make sometime soon.

    OTHER NEWS: There should be a new version going out tonight / tomorrow.
  13. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Here's the new help screen, I'm super excited about it. Text wording needs help, but you get the gist.

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    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Also, I'm now all set up and ready to dive into implementing the Tutorial properly and finishing/fixing up Story Mode. I expect that by Friday I'll have a significant chunk of Story Mode/Tutorial ready to rock.

    PS there was a delay on the new version, hopefully will be out tomorrow nightish.
  15. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Okay! Today I got in the colorful pie-chart-style combo pips system! I programmed it all by myself! Not only is it cool AND awesome, but it ANIMATES! Wait till you see!


    It might go into the new version which is hopefully going out tonight.
  16. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Haven't updated this thread in a few days. I will probably write a bigger Dinofarm update for the kickstarter people and such soon, but I just wanted to rattle off some thoughts here for you guys:

    - Story Mode is looking really good, and might be in the next build
    - Tutorial is totally playable and just has a few tiny bugs left to iron out
    - We've recolored a couple of the tilesets. Castle tileset is now less white, a bit more saturated and dark, and Caves are way brighter.
    - New logo, and also Blake is actually working on a whole new title screen illustration, which is gonna be awesome
    - Not sure if I mentioned this, but we've hired a guy to do new sounds for us. If we like them, you'll hear them probably in a week or two in the game.
    - We almost certainly will not be making our announced July 1 release date, although we haven't formally pushed back the date yet. I expect that we'll push it back about 2 weeks.
  17. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Some bullet point updates:
    - Story mode is really coming along. It's still broken in a number of places, most particularly the end game and when Argo appears, but the first few scenes are in and really nice. I got blake's new art for the new opening in and it's great. I'll enable the Story Mode button so you guys can check it out, although do so at your own risk!
    - Unfortunately, saving and loading is taking longer than expected. We are going to have a delay announcement next week.
    - TONS of little improvements, as always - I'll put up the patch notes in a minute.
    - Blake is almost finished with that new title screen art, and it looks amazing.
    - There should be a new beta build for you guys tomorrow containing most of this new stuff.
  18. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I just snuck in a rule that ive been wanting to put in for a long time. Monsters now prioritize moving to tiles that are not adjacent to water or flame over those that are. Of course they'll still take the quickest path, but if the monster has two "same length" paths, and one is next to fire and the other isn't, the monster will now ALWAYS choose the not-next-to-fire tile.

    This means the game just got subtly harder and subtly less random. Yay!

    Also I put in the "throw a snowball at a pillar to get the splash effect" thing. Blake says the pillar should freeze, but I don't think so.
  19. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Today I recolored Charles, because I thought he looked too much like a frozen slime, and because there was no reason he was blue to begin with. Now he's yellow, which you can see a preview of in the new updated smilies. Oh, also I updated the smilies! Enjoy spawning a ton of licorice animals, just like Mr. Vargas himself ! :licoricebat::licoricebat::licoricerat::licoricebat::licoricerat::licoricerat::licoricebat::licoricerat:

    Also I updated the Manual's Monsters pages with new artwork and correct descriptions of people. Lemme know if you find errors.

    Also fixed a bunch of bugs and other small implementations. Probably some of today was me avoiding finishing Story Mode, which is what I gotta do this week. Not fun!
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    As per some discussions here, what I wanted to do was make the XP bar start in the middle, rather than start on the far left. If you gain points it fills to the right, losing points it will shrink and eventually fill points to the left (the bar grows out in one or the other direction, from the middle). If you reach either side, you level up or down. When you get to a new level, you start in the middle again. This is to make it so that players aren't constantly leveling up and down on the cusp of say, level 9 and 10 or something. Now they at least always have 3-4 games before they reach the next level again.

    Ok, so this was actually a MAJOR BITCH to code, and it kinda stonewalled me for 3 or 4 days. The problem is threefold - one, this bar system is a lot more complicated than it looks due to the fact that it has to do all kinds of lying to the player (like when you arrive there it says you have 60 XP and it's gonna go up to 80 but ACTUALLY you already have 80, it just wants to animate it for you) and other shit. So it's kinda complicated.

    Problem #2 is, some guy who SUCKS at programming programmed the entire thing himself from scratch. That guy's name is ME. So as some of you know, shitty code is often fine, until something major has to change.

    Problem #3 is that the guy who is trying to implement this NEW rule change *ALSO* sucks at coding (his name, incidentally, is also me).

    Anyway, like I said I was stonewalled on that for days, and the last thing I want to do is involve one of our other two coders, who we need to do all kinds of stuff that's above my head (and their time is very limited as it is). SO!

    My creative solution is basically just that when you level up, or level down, XP goes to 50 instead of 0. Kind of a "durrr" answer, but one problem is that visually, the bar is still starting on the far left. I'm going to add a little visual "notch" at the middle of the bar too, which will indicate the "starting point". It's a little bit weird, but actually not as weird as I was afraid it would be. In fact, it might actually be LESS weird in a way than having the bar grow out from the middle. And more "positive" since it's always a matter of how many XP points you have, and not a matter of "I have -33 XP points!" (even though you never technically see your XP total).

    Ok, so that's what I did. Now, to accomodate the fact that from level 1 you now only need 50 points to get to level 2, I made the following changes:

    static public var XPGainedForWin = 10;

    static public var winStreakBonus1 = 5;
    static public var winStreakBonus2 = 10;
    static public var winStreakBonus3OrHigher = 15;

    static public var easyLossXPPenalty = 0;
    static public var normalLossXPPenalty = -6;
    static public var hardLossXPPenalty = -10;
    static public var masterLossXPPenalty = -10;

    You'll notice that I also reduced the crazy 20 point master loss penalty by half. ALSO! I made master mode able to get win streaks.

    Other than that, Blake is doing music, Mike is still doing saving/loading, and Oren is hooking me up with the know how to make builds. Once we have that, I'll be able to make builds for you guys much more frequently.
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