Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 7

Hi everyone! Here’s a new podcast episode on game design from the Dinofarm Community, and also from me, Keith! Today’s episode featured Swiftspear, Hopenager, Redless, myself, and Bob!

In this episode, we discussed procedural generation – what is it, what isn’t it, and how does it fit into a larger design? Are some kinds of proc-gen better than others?

Check it out below.

Also, if you’re fiending for more game design podcasty goodness, Dinofarm Games ourselves released a new Dinofarm Patron Podcast episode today as well, on Alakaram in real time. To listen to that, you’ll need to become a Dinofarm Games Patron on Patreon.

Thanks for listening!

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keithburgun • 05/08/2017

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