Casual vs. Hardcore – Settling the Score

Today, we have a guest article from Auro beta tester and game design writer LuditeSam (“Disquisitor Sam” on the Dinofarm Forums). Sam originally wrote a shorter version of this article on the Dinofarm forums as a response to another user who had mentioned that Auro’s “ranking” system was a bit too “hardcore” and intimidating for…

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Autumn Update! 2.0 Details

Hello all! Sorry we’ve been quiet for the last couple of months! We’ve been studiously working on Auro 2.0, as well as the Steam Early Access version, both of which should be ready in about two weeks or so. We plan to launch them together, in a big Auro 2.0 launch initiative. I wanted to…

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Hard Monsters in Auro 2.0

Today I want to talk about some of the nitty-gritty balance / redesign changes we’re making for the late game of Auro’s Play Mode. If you’re a game-designer type, or a serious Auro player, you’ll probably get a   The basic gameplay of Auro is like this: you bump monsters into the water to kill…

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Speaking the Common Language – Why Auro Needs Quest Mode

At this time, Auro is the Metacritic’s 6th most highly-rated iOS game of 2015. Critics, as well as some of our hard-core fans, really seem to love the game. Of course, we’re really happy about that. On the other hand, sales of Auro have honestly been underwhelming, especially when you consider how beloved it is…

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Gameplay Balance for 1.29: Part 2 – Fixing the Metagame

Last week, we posted part 1 of this article, which was about tuning the gameplay rules for Version 1.29. In this part, we’ll be talking about the changes coming to Play Mode itself. While tuning the gameplay itself to be functional, the fact is that if the game isn’t operating at the optimal difficulty for…

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Gameplay Balance for 1.29: Part 1 – Fixing Gameplay

Hello everyone! If you missed them, we’ve already written two articles that should start to warm you up for the massively awesome and super-improved patch coming down the pipe. One was about general coarse tuning, and one was about the huge Tutorial improvements we made. There might also be another article soon about some visual…

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