The Art Barn: What I’m “Currently” Animating

Hello, everyone.  It sure has been a long time since the last installment of The Art Barn here at Dinofarm Games.  There are many reasons for the delinquency, but it probably mostly has to do with how dumb and stupid and idiot I am, but also that I’m working all the time on animations for…

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THE ART BARN: What’s Involved in Spriting for Auro

I have just come out of a very deep hole.  After you’ve removed your minds from the gutter, I’ll explain that I mean I have just completed a single animation for Dinofarm Games upcoming title, Auro: The Golden Prince, and it… took… me… weeks.   Behold the Foxy M.A.M.A.! She’s a militant monster’s rights activist.  She’ll…

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THE ART BARN: Designing and Redesigning “Auro”

[Note from the editor: We just over-hauled our Kickstarter video with this new design.  Please check it out, and consider donating!  We only have a week left!  With that said, please enjoy this latest installment of THE ART BARN, in which our lead artist Blake Reynolds dishes out some helpful experience with character design.] This…

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The Art Barn: Hue Variation and Reflected Light

We all know that coloring is fun.  I, for one, have been coloring non-stop since my Grandpa sat me down on the front step, put earmuffs on me, threw some crayons in my lap and told me to just color and color.  No matter what I might hear, even when Nana asks me to call…

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The Art Barn: The Cool Rules of Spriting

Those of you who know about Dinofarm Games might know about its lead designer and columnist Keith Burgun.  Anyone who knows him in person would also know me, because we’re housemates.  I’m willing to bet, though, that there are a few people(maybe on the internet) who know Keith and don’t know me.  First off, you…

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