Auro’s Releasing Today… on Android!

Hey you! Guess what! Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure is now available on Google Play! UPDATE: It’s OUT! Watch the TRAILER:

We’re so excited to finally get this game out there, after somewhere around four years of development. Go grab it here on Google Play for your Android devices!


iOS Version Coming Soon!


The past few weeks have been really crazy – we’ve had the game done and ready to roll for days now, but we’ve kept running into problems at submission on the iOS side. Very boring-sounding, cryptic problems having to do with certificates and library compatibility and things like that that you probably don’t want to hear about.

A couple days ago, we thought we were finally ready to submit – we had upgraded our stuff, and we were ready to go. Unfortunately, this was not the case. We found out that there is currently some kind of incompatibility with AIR, which Auro uses, and latest version of iOS. It’s something that we have to wait for Adobe to fix, unfortunately, and we don’t know if that will be a few days or a few weeks – or worse. And short of re-coding half our game in a new language, we don’t have a lot of options (so far as we can surmise – leave a comment below or email us if you know otherwise!)

With this in mind, we’ve decided to go ahead and launch Auro on Google Play now, and as soon as we possibly can, get it out on the App Store. Hopefully, that won’t be more than a week or two.

Thanks so much to our fans and Kickstarter supporters who have waited such a long time for this game to happen. We really appreciate it and we hope you love the game as much as we do.

Now head on over to Google Play and pick up Auro!

~ Dinofarm Games



keithburgun • 09/17/2014

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  1. Jacob 09/21/2014 - 7:51 pm Reply

    I was gonna wait for iOS, but since it released for android first I just got it.

    Pretty dissapointed so far.

    The HUD takes up way to much screen space.
    There is way too little feedback from clicking, so performing an action like using an ability, moving or going through dialogue, feels unresponsive.
    Whenever I move, the movement,s of monsters and myself, are so instantaneous that it feels like a bug instead of for brevity’s sake, and I get super disoriented.
    I can’t skip huge story sequences (like the throne room battle) so every time I lose, I have to go over it again and again.
    The beautiful character sprites make me super aware of how dull the ground tiles are. Every level is visually boring to experience.
    And some graphics simply aren’t the correct matching resulotion (I’m looking at you game over screen)

    I can see the joy of how many monsters and abilities interacting at the same time, will result in thrilling situations, but neither the visual side or tactility is there yet to make the play sessions pleasurable. I hope some patches will show off Auro’s true potential.

    • keithburgun 09/21/2014 - 8:53 pm Reply

      Hi there! Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback.

      On the HUD: Actually, it’s by design that the player can only see exactly 3 tiles in each direction. One of the big things that makes Auro tough to solve is not knowing what monsters/terrain/candies are around the corner, and it’s important that we keep it the same in all directions from the player.

      Ultimately, it’s the fact that we made a hex-based game, and that we care about not skewing play in one direction or another. So if we had, say, allowed the player to see all those tiles on the top and bottom, then that would really affect how people play in a strange way!

      As to movement: check to see that you don’t have QUICK PLAY set ON in the Menu. Then it should feel a bit better. Otherwise, what device are you playing on?

      Oh, one more thing: the ground tiles have a lot of solid color on purpose. Our thinking is that we can use “contrast of detail” to help make the actors pop against the background.

      I recommend diving into Play Mode – the real meat of the game – if you’ve gotten to the boss of Story Mode.

      And yeah – patches are coming soon! Thanks again.

      • Jacob 09/22/2014 - 5:18 pm Reply

        I did indeed put quick play on, not knowing what it did and hoping it would skip the slow narrative sequence in the boss level. Gameplay is not disorienting now.

        Having played a lot of Play Mode today, the general bumping/thinking is a lot of fun, and I’ll most likely buy the game again for iOS. That being said, dull backgrounds and lack of feedback really, really dampens the experience. My girlfriend looked at me playing it and commented that the game looked unfinished.

        I guess it’s unrealistic to expect too many visual overhauls if the game doesn’t make a big bucket of money (you are only one graphics guy, right?) but it really needs more of the superficial stuff.

        I can see how a matted/flattened background can help put focus on the important areas. But visual consistency seems really important for a joyful play experience. 868-HACK (which you might have played?) might be visually simple, but everything really fits in the visual style and works towards feeling like… Uh, a virus? I’m not sure what the player is.

        • keithburgun 09/22/2014 - 6:14 pm Reply

          We have one graphics guy, yeah. You’re the first person to complain so far about the backgrounds, but we’ll definitely run your feedback by the artist. If it’s really an issue, going back and touching stuff up wouldn’t be out of the question. And we already do plan on adding more visual effects and such soon anyway.

          I’ll ping our artist, Blake, and have him give his thoughts on the matter, too.

          Thanks again. Glad you’re enjoying Play Mode.

          • Jacki 02/09/2016 - 11:43 am Reply

            Fiinndg this post. It’s just a big piece of luck for me.

        • Blake Reynolds 09/23/2014 - 8:19 am Reply

          Jacob, hey!

          It’s me! The graphics guy!

          Yes, I am the lead artist. The one-man art department, really. I’m glad to hear you like the sprite work, and I’m sorry to hear you’re no too keen on the approach to the backgrounds.

          If you’re interested, I’ll give you a rundown of my process.

          First of all, I am far more inspired by japanese pixel art than I am western stuff, both modern and older. The modern western stuff, while great looking, relies a lot on heavy, heavy stylization, which I think becomes overwhelming and impairs clarity.


          Beautiful art! I just can’t see what’s going on!

          Older western stuff is A., beholden to “realistic proportions” in their characters which, on screen look like an ant farm in my opinion, and B., they sometimes have a “if you could, you should” approach to use of amount of colors and textures.


          To me, that kind of approach when it comes to low-res art looks garish and oppressive. Too many colors, too many textures. It overwhelms the eye and as an overall noisy, messy look.

          So, for Auro, I drew much of my graphical inspiration from the GBA/DS-era zelda games, namely The Minish Cap. I think it has a really tasteful use of the relationship between empty space and textures, and uses colors in a really smart way. Also, the 3d objects in perspective are bold and fun looking, making the whole thing “pop.”


          As you can see, the level of detail between my work and that of Minish cap are similar. I suppose the biggest difference being that, in Minish cap, the content isn’t randomly generated, so there’s more room to carefully place doo dads and custom assets(which there are some in the non-random parts of Auro’s “Story Mode.”)

          Another thing you might be experiencing is, in our current system, the walls aren’t drawing precisely as they should be. So you see them in the beginning of the stage, but they don’t conform to the shape of the stage as it morphs and changes. In future updates, we plan to rectify this. Perhaps things will look less stark if you interact with the walls on a more regular basis throughout the stage.

          Either way, I’m glad you’re enjoying our game. I have taken your concerns under advisement, and I hope this little rundown at least shows you my careful rationale, even if it’s not the way you would have gone were you in my shoes.

          And hey! Tell your friends about Auro! At least the sprites, anyway ;).

          • Jacob 09/23/2014 - 7:28 pm Reply

            Wow uhm. Wow. It feels like I’m getting a personal/public tour of the studio. Makes me feel really bad about having complaints (“hey, the small whisky I bought didn’t match my expectations”, “oh we’re so sorry you feel that way. Let me introduce you to the team and give you a tour of our minds!”)…

            I havn’t played super time force yet, but I find both it and minish cap to be beautiful games. Thank you for taking all this time to talk about your (both Blake and Keith) ideals and intentions. I think I’m gonna go complain to Nintendo now to see if Miyamoto will engage me in a talk about the merits of how Zelda games are designed…!

            • keithburgun 09/23/2014 - 7:40 pm Reply

              Don’t feel bad about having complaints. Getting lots of complaints over our years-long beta phase is what helped us to make the game good in the first place. Keep ’em coming.

    • Gerry 09/21/2014 - 9:58 pm Reply

      I felt some early frustrations with story mode as well(which the devs seem to be working on right now), but then I got into play mode and that’s really where the game is.

      Stick with it until you get the hang of play mode. I’m totally hooked. It takes a bit to get the hang of it but once you do it’s really cool.

      • keithburgun 09/21/2014 - 10:40 pm Reply

        Thanks, Gerry! Glad you’re liking it.

  2. Esty 09/22/2014 - 10:22 am Reply

    Please get this game on IOS already, I been waiting for ever and now it’s out and I still can’t play it!!! =D so excited please crack that whip in them! Haha <3

    • keithburgun 09/23/2014 - 7:40 pm Reply

      We are doing everything we can! No one wants it on iOS more than we do!

  3. Danny Aguilar 09/27/2014 - 3:07 am Reply

    Hey Dinofarm,

    Please get this on ios. I fell in love with 100 rogues and have been waiting for this game since slightly after the kickstarter… Im a little worried though if your waiting for adobe…. considering…. its adobe…. Hope you guys get it up on the store soon im sure it will do amazing. Love your games, wish you made more.


    • keithburgun 09/27/2014 - 5:08 am Reply

      Hi Danny! Don’t you worry – Adobe actually fixed the bug, and now we’re just working through some other problems, but they’re solvable. I think if things go to plan, Auro will be on your iOS device in under two weeks.

      We most certainly will make more games, don’t worry about that, either! Thanks so much for caring about what we do.

  4. New release: Auro @ IndieRPGs.com
  5. Esty 10/04/2014 - 9:37 am Reply

    Guys question on a different note, I had 100 rogues on my ios forever now, but finally tried to get some of the extra classes, it won’t let me pick them after I payed for them though, any clues why? It just keeps bringing to the screen that tells you about them and you can click buy restore or exit. Any help ?

    • keithburgun 10/04/2014 - 6:00 pm Reply

      Hi there. Did you try hitting restore? Perhaps reinstall the app, then restore? The company that deals with 100 Rogues these days is Fusion Reactions, so you could try posting this issue on their forums at 100rogues.com. Other than that, unfortunately we can’t help! I hope “restoring” fixes it!

  6. Esty 10/14/2014 - 8:03 pm Reply

    Any word or estimated time yet ?

    • keithburgun 10/14/2014 - 9:10 pm Reply

      We’re struggling with it every day. We may have an announcement in the next few days – stay tuned.

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