Auro Release Date: July 1, 2014

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It’s official: Auro’s release date is July 1st, 2014! That’s exactly 1.5 months, 6 weeks, or 45 days from today. And July 1st isn’t “the day we’ll be finished working on it” or even “the day we submit it to Apple/Google. July 1st is the day that you’ll actually be able to purchase and play Auro!

For this reason, we plan to have the game completely finished by June 1st, then a couple of weeks with the “gold version” for final testing, and then submission to Apple/Google on the 15th. Let me break down what exactly there is left to do with these 6 or 7 remaining weeks. This is maybe more for our use than it is for yours, readers.

Also, it goes without saying that in addition to everything written here, all of us are of course doing a million other small tasks for the game – especially me. I’m the guy who mostly tends to the forums, deals with game balance, does ALL our web stuff, most of our marketing, and probably 10 other things I’m not even thinking of right now.


Note: I might make some edits to this in the next few days, but they’ll be light re-arranging mostly. Also these are, of course, estimates.


Week 0 (Now – April 18)

Keith: finishing up Story Mode. It should be completely functional by the end of this week (although still needing polish).

Mike: Saving/loading

Oren: Away this week!

Blake: Recolor some necessary sprites and portraits for Story Mode, make an overlay for Blast. Continue on remaining music.


Week 1 (April 18 to April 26)

Keith: Fix bugs, polish. Balance for Play Mode should be basically finished. Start importing all the new graphics to the spritesheet and implementing them into the game.

Mike: Finish Saving/loading. Implement basic functionality of “long-press for info”.

Oren: Make a new build for the testers. Work with Keith on spritesheet business.

Blake: Finish Argo’s Chamber artwork, music.


Week 2 (April 27 to May 3)

Keith: Implement Argo’s improved chamber (his current one is pretty lame, and it’s kind of the climax of the game). Implement/polish HUD graphics or other graphics.

Mike: Re-code walls system. Fix bugs.

Oren: Make a build. Fix bugs.

Blake: Any VERY minor art tweaks / SMALL detail assets, music.


Week 3 (May 4 to May 10)

Keith: Implement remaining aesthetics, fix bugs, polish balance.

Mike: Implement remaining aesthetics. Start looking into device-specific stuff.

Oren: Make a build. Fix bugs.

Blake: Opening Argo pixel painting. Minor art tweaks / SMALL detail assets, music.


Week 4 (May 11 to May 17)

Keith: Polish, balance, implement any remaining text or other details.

Mike: Device-specific issues.

Oren: Make a build. Help with device-specific issues.

Blake: Music.


Week 5 (May 18 to May 24)

Keith: Hype machine, bug fixes, prepare Kickstarter rewards.

Mike: Device-specific issues.

Oren: Make a build. Help with device-specific issues.

Blake: Music.


Week 6 (May 25 to June 1)

Keith: Continue doing many little things, balance, oversee testing. Start doing interviews and getting the HYPE MACHINE going.

Mike: Google Play Games and Gamecenter implementation

Oren: Google Play Games and Gamecenter implementation

Blake: Music.



On June 1, we put the game on LOCKDOWN, and only fix bugs. Then we submit on June 15. We’re almost at the finish line. May is going to be crazy!

Like I said, I’m going to be starting the hype machine, so if you have any suggestions or you want to do an interview, please contact me.

keithburgun • 04/15/2014

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