AURO Beta Update, Jan. 2014

If you’re a beta tester, a new build went out today.  This build simply fixes some small bugs and also settles on a cross-platform version number (14.103), so nothing too exciting.  Why has the beta been a bit slow?

Last week, we embarked on a mission to really figure out how intense the work of adding AURO’s multiplayer mode, Match Mode, would be.  We’ve been looking into a bunch of different solutions for it.  One thing is that we really want cross-platform multiplayer – if you’ve got an Android phone, your girlfriend should be able to play with you on her iPhone.  This is pretty important to us, especially since we want it to be a serious competitive thing with leagues and rankings and everything.  It’s kind of lame if there’s the “Android Platinum league” and the “iOS Platinum league”.  Ultimately, if the solutions we’re looking into don’t work out, we might have to do that, unless Google Play Games starts to allow cross-platform matchmaking (which they currently don’t as far as we can tell).

This week, we’re hoping to finish the research project.  A big reason why we’re doing this is that like you, we really really want AURO to come out as soon as possible.  If our research determines that Match Mode is going to take more than 2 or 3 months to finish, we’ll have to do some serious thinking about it.  Worst-case scenario, we might have to launch without Match mode, and make Match Mode our first post-release priority, but we don’t expect to have to do that.

Are you, or do you know anyone who has released an online multiplayer game for iOS and Android that has cross-platform multiplayer?  If so, we’d love to talk to that person!  Please send me an email at info@dinofarmgames, or simply leave a comment below if you’re someone we should talk to.

Thanks a lot for your patience, everyone.  Take care!

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keithburgun • 01/13/2014

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