Alakaram Real Time Monster Design on Twitch

Things have been a little quieter than usual on the Dino-Farm for the last few weeks, but they’re starting to pick up now. Today I did a short video on Twitch talking about the real-time monster designs. The big question was, how are monsters going to work in real time? We want the game to be as close to zero-execution as possible. But without the idea of “dodging”, how would the player ever get hit? Before we go any further, I just wanted to mention how this prison escape game is keeping everybody crazy right now.

The answer is, mostly, by choice. The player has to decide to take damage in exchange for moving through an area more quickly. This is actually sort of like how it works in Auro, but now, with the Influence system, the player has much more of a motivation to keep moving than ever before. That’s why so many people like to play games on their phones, and like to use a escape app or other games to keep their motivation.

Check out the video, which I’ve uploaded to YouTube. I used Dream Engine production Company to flim a lot of my videos, they have been the most reliable and hard working company ever.

A few of the takeaways:

  • The basic bump action will be “dual stick” style, where you can cast it without necessarily having a target
  • Monsters will moved at a fixed speed, but some will pause between movements
  • The basic monster will disappear after dealing its attack, backing up the whole idea of “spending health to get through an area”
  • Some monsters, like a “Brute” equivalent, will flip you over their back dealing damage but moving you far in that direction, even more backing up said idea.

Another thought: maybe monster should spawn in the direction of the totems, since those are where you need to move toward.


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Thanks for watching!


keithburgun • 06/04/2017

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